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I paint original pictures
on your dive fins.




Fin Art Designer.

When I was diving with my fin artworks, it caught many divers' 

eye. They said my artworks become a mark in the sea.

Now I'm working as diving fin artist.


2016.6 The 1st solo show(@Diver’s Café)

2016.8     the exhibition" ZEN" (@Tokyo metropolitan art museum)

2016.10  The 2nd solo show(@Diving shop&café Gill Man)

​2017.1 collaborations sea slugs photo exhibition(@Diving shop&café Gill Man)

2017.3 Magazine publication "DIVER" (the 2017 march issue)

2017.6 Magazine publication "KAZI" (the 2017 June & July issue)

2017.7 The 3rd solo show(@Dogashima Nature School)

2017.8 Velasis 20anniversary collaboration(@City Marina Velasis)

2018.6 Diving Festa(@Ishigakijima)

​2018.6 The 4th solo show①(@ishigakijima)

​2018.8 The 4th solo show②(@miyakojima @irabujima)

​​2018.9 The 5th solo show(@nishiizu Triaina Cafe&Bar)

2019.1 Web magazine “morino-oto

​2019.4 Marine diving fair2019

2019.5 Blue ocean festival KANSAI2019

2019.5 Magazine publication"La SCUBA" Vol.12

2020.8 Marine diving fair2020

2020.8    The 6th solo show(@Tokyo SPACE K daikanyama)

2020.10 Magazine publication"Marine Diving" (the 2020November issue)

​2020.11 Web magazine "BAY SISTERS"

​2020.12 TOTTORI COFFEE ROASTER exhibition

​2021.3   Taiwan-Japan Art Expo (@Taiwan)

2021.8    The 7th solo show(@Tokyo SPACE K daikanyama)

2021.11  Salon de Art Japonais (@France)

2021.11  collaboration show (@Tokyo America-Bashi Gallery)

2022.10 Salon art shopping Paris2022 (@France)

ABOUT Fin-Art®️

I paint original pictures with all my heart on diving fins.

You can also remake used fins for displaying.
Why don't you display the ocean art in your life?

*Fin-Art®️ is a registered trademark of Yurie Baba.


Ocean-friendly with Fin-Art®️

Do you worry about durability of artworks?

They are not come off easily without rubbing against rocks and sand.

I hope divers take care of their fin works for protecting corals and sea life.

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